touch 英[tʌtʃ] 美[tʌtʃ]
      vt. 触摸;使某物与…轻轻接触;吃或喝,尝;[数]与…相切
      n. 触摸,碰;触觉,触感;修饰,润色;痕迹
      vi. 接触;联系
      [例句]Rovio 's masterpiece of touch gaming.


      vt. 触摸;使某物与…轻轻接触;吃或喝,尝;[数]与…相切

      n. 触摸,碰;触觉,触感;修饰,润色;痕迹

      vi. 接触;联系






      及物动词 vt. & 不及物动词 vi.
      1.接触; 触摸
      Their shoulders touched.
      Don't touch it; it breaks easily.
      不要碰它, 它容易破碎。
      及物动词 vt.
      1.伤害, 触犯
      This touched his self-esteem.
      2.涉及, 关系到
      The new law doesn't touch his case.
      3.感动, 打动
      That woman's sad story touched our hearts.
      4.吃; 喝
      I don't touch garlic.
      You haven't even touched your wine.
      No one in our class can touch her in music.
      在音乐方面, 我们班上无人能比得上她。
      9. 轻微;稍许
      Our cottage touches a stream.
      Water won’t touch these grease spots.
      Their ship touched land a month later.
      名词 n.
      The blind have keen touch.
      2.触, 碰, 摸
      I felt a touch on my arm.
      This material was soft to the touch.
      4.微恙, 一点小病
      She was off work with a touch of flu.
      5.手法, 风格, 特征
      6.修饰, 润色
      This painting lacks the finishing touches.
      7.功力, 特殊能力
      Your recent work's been bad; I hope you're not losing your touch.
      你最近的作品差了, 我希望你能保持你的艺术功力。
      The soup wants a touch of salt.
      The ball is out of touch.
      不及物动词 vi.
      1.接近;靠近;濒于(与 on 或 upon 连用)
      2.涉及;与…有关(与 on 或 upon连用)
      The ship will touch at 3 ports on the return voyage.

      vt. 触摸;使某物与…轻轻接触;吃或喝,尝;[数]与…相切
      n. 触摸,碰;触觉,触感;修饰,润色;痕迹
      vi. 接触;联系
      邻家女孩; 接触; 触摸; 感动

      1.动词触摸;接触;碰到 If you touch something, you put your hand onto it in order to feel it or to make contact with it.
      Her tiny hands gently touched my face... 她的小手轻轻触摸我的脸庞。
      Don't touch that dial… 不要碰那个刻度盘。
      She reached down, touching her toes with opposite hands… 她弯腰向下,左右手交叉触及脚趾。
      The virus is not passed on through touching or shaking hands. 那种病毒不会通过接触或握手传染。
      Touch is also a noun.
      Sometimes even a light touch on the face is enough to trigger off this pain. 有时即便轻轻一碰脸部都足以引起这种疼痛。

      2.(使)接触;(使)相碰 If two things are touching, or if one thing touches another, or if you touch two things, their surfaces come into contact with each other.
      Their knees were touching ... 他们的膝盖挨着。
      A cyclist crashed when he touched wheels with another rider... 一个骑车人与另一辆自行车车轮相碰后摔倒在地。
      If my arm touches the wall, it has to be washed again... 如果我的胳膊碰到了墙,就得再洗一次。
      In some countries people stand close enough to touch elbows... 在某些国家人们站得很近,足以挨到臂肘。
      He touched the cow's side with his stick. 他用棍子碰了碰牛的肋部。

      3.不可数名词触觉;触感 Your sense of touch is your ability to tell what something is like when you feel it with your hands.
      The evidence suggests that our sense of touch is programmed to diminish with age. 有证据表明,我们的触觉会随着年龄的增长而减损。
      …boys and girls who are blind and who want to be able to read and write by touch. 想通过触觉读写的失明的男孩和女孩

      4.动词轻击;轻碰 To touch something means to strike it, usually quite gently.
      He scored the first time he touched the ball… 他第一次触球就得分了。
      As the aeroplane went down the runway the wing touched a pile of rubble. 飞机降落沿跑道滑行的时候机翼擦到了一堆碎石。

      5.(与否定词连用)处理,照看,照管 If something has not been touched, nobody has dealt with it or taken care of it.
      When John began to restore the house in the 1960s, nothing had been touched for 40 years. 约翰 20 世纪 60 年代开始整修那幢房子时,它已有 40 年都无人照管了。

      6.(与否定词连用,尤用于受到指责时)伤害,攻击,破坏 If you say that you did not touch someone or something, you are emphasizing that you did not attack, harm or destroy them,
      especially when you have been accused of doing so.
      Pearce remained adamant, saying 'I didn't touch him'... 皮尔斯仍旧坚定不移地说:“我没有碰过他。”
      I was in the garden. I never touched the sandwiches. 我那时在花园里。我根本没动三明治。

      7.动词(与否定词连用)尝,吃,喝,用 You say that you never touch something or that you have not touched something for a long time to emphasize that you never use it, or you have not used it for a long time

      He doesn't drink much and doesn't touch drugs... 他喝酒不多,也不沾毒品。
      His diet is vegetarian, and he hasn't touched meat for six years… 他吃素,已经 6 年不知肉味了。
      Jones hasn't touched a trumpet in 10 years. 琼斯有 10 年没吹小号了。

      8.谈及;涉及 If you touch on a particular subject or problem, you mention it or write briefly about it
      The film touches on these issues, but only superficially... 这部电影涉及了这些问题,但却流于表面。
      She writes about women's idealisation of men, touching briefly on the topic of women's fantasy life. 她写女人心目中理想化的男人,其中简单涉及了女人所幻想的生活的话题。

      9.动词(短时间地)影响到 If something touches you, it affects you in some way for a short time
      a guilt that in some sense touches everyone... 在某种意义上影响到每个人的负罪感
      Nor had the benefits of the war years touched all sectors of the population. 战争年代的救济金也没有惠及所有的人。

      10.触动;感动 If something that someone says or does touches you, it affects you emotionally,
      often because you see that they are suffering a lot or that they are being very kind
      It has touched me deeply to see how these people live... 看到这些人的生活境况,我深受触动。
      Her enthusiasm touched me. 她的热情打动了我。
      I was touched to find that he regards me as engaging... 他认为我很迷人,这真令我感动。
      He was touched that we came. 我们能来让他很感动。

      11.动词具有…特性 If something is touched with a particular quality, it has a certain amount of that quality

      His crinkly hair was touched with grey... 他卷曲的头发有些花白。
      The boy was touched with genius. 那个男孩透着点天分

      12.动词比得上;及得过 If you say about someone that nobody can touch him or her for a particular thing, you mean that he or she is much better at it than anyone else
      No one can touch these girls for professionalism. 就职业素养来说,没人能比得上这些姑娘。

      13.动词达到 To touch a particular level, amount, or score, especially a high one, means to reach it
      By the third lap Kinkead had touched 289 m.p.h. 到第三圈时,金基德的车速达到了每小时 289 英里。
      The winds had touched storm-force the day before. 风力前一天就已达到了狂风级。

      14动词向(某人)要(钱) If you touch someone for money, you ask them to give it to you.

      Now is the time to touch him for a loan. 现在是向他借笔钱的时候了。
      They called the event 'a tribute to heroes', which was a nice touch... 他们把这一活动称为“向英雄致敬”,这可是加分之举。
      Small touches to a room such as flowers can be what gives a house its vitality. 房间里放些诸如鲜花之类的小点缀可以给家里带来生气。

      15.可数名词润色;装点;修饰 A touch is a detail which is added to something to improve it.
      They called the event 'a tribute to heroes', which was a nice touch... 他们把这一活动称为“向英雄致敬”,这可是加分之举。

      Small touches to a room such as flowers can be what gives a house its vitality. 房间里放些诸如鲜花之类的小点缀可以给家里带来生气。

      16. 单数名词风格;手法;特有方式 If someone has a particular kind of touch, they have a particular way of doing something.

      :with suppThe dishes he produces all have a personal touch... 他做的菜全都带有其个人风格。
      The striker was unable to find his scoring touch. 那个前锋找不到进球的感觉。

      17. 数量词一点;些许 A touch of something is a very small amount of it.
      She thought she just had a touch of flu... 她认为自己仅仅有点感冒。
      At university he wrote a bit, did a touch of acting, and indulged in internal college politics. 在大学期间他写过一点东西,小试过表演,并迷恋于校内政治活动。

      18. PHRASE 短语稍许;略微 You can use a touch to mean slightly or to a small extent, especially in order to make something you say seem less extreme. For example, if you say that something is a touch expensive, you might really think that it is very expensive.

      We were all a touch uneasy, I think... 我想我们都稍有点不自在。
      I found it a touch distasteful. 我觉得这略有点让人反感。

      19. See also: touching;

      20. PHRASE 短语一按;一摁 You use at the touch of in expressions such as at the touch of a button and at the touch of a key to indicate that something is possible by simply touching a switch or one of the keys of a keyboard.

      Staff will be able to trace calls at the touch of a button. 工作人员一摁按钮便可以追踪电话。
      …seats that flip out at the touch of a lever. 一按控制杆就会翻开的座位

      21. PHRASE 短语平易近人的品质 If you say that someone has the common touch, you mean that they have the natural ability to have a good relationship with ordinary people and be popular with them.
      Unlike many senior judges, he has consistently shown that he has the common touch. 与很多高级法官不同,他一贯表现得平易近人。

      22. PHRASE 短语(与…)联络;(与…)联系 If you get in touch with someone, you contact them by writing to them or telephoning them. If you are, keep, or stay in touch with them, you write, phone, or visit each other regularly.

      I will get in touch with solicitors about this… 我会就此事与律师联系。
      The organisation would be in touch with him tomorrow... 该组织明天就会和他联络。
      My parents were constantly in touch. 我的父母一直都保持着联系。

      23. PHRASE 短语了解最新情况(或信息)/不了解最新情况(或信息) If you are in touch with a subject or situation, or if someone keeps you in touch with it, you know the latest news or information about it. If you are out of touch with it, you do not know the latest news or information about it.
      You'll also be kept in touch with local Oxfam events. 您还将随时获得乐施会在当地的最新活动信息。
      ...keeping the unemployed in touch with the labour market... 使失业者即时了解劳动力市场的最新动态
      Mr Cavazos' problem was that he was out of touch. 卡瓦佐斯先生的问题是他不了解最新形势。

      24. PHR-RECIP 相互短语(与…)失去联络;(与…)失去联系 If you lose touch with someone, you gradually stop writing, telephoning, or visiting them.

      In my job one tends to lose touch with friends... 干我这行,往往会与朋友失去联系。
      We lost touch after that. 我们自那以后就失去了联络。

      25. PHRASE 短语不再了解最新情况(或信息) If you lose touch with something, you no longer have the latest news or information about it.

      Their leaders have lost touch with what is happening in the country. 他们的领导人不再了解该国正发生的一切。
      26. PHRASE 短语不确定的事态;无法预言的事 If you say that something is touch and go, you mean that you are uncertain whether it will happen or succeed.

      It was touch and go whether we'd go bankrupt. 我们是否会破产还很难说。
      27. PHRASE 短语容易借钱给人的人;好说话的人 If you say that someone is a soft touch or an easy touch, you mean that they can easily be persuaded to lend you money or to do things for you.

      Mr Wilson is no soft touch… 威尔逊先生绝不会轻易借钱给别人。
      Pamela was an easy touch when she needed some cash. 她缺钱花的时候,帕梅拉总是有求必应。

      contact, touch
      contact: 强调紧密接触的两个物体之间的相互关系。也可用作比喻。
      touch: 指具体意义"接触"时,强调动作;表抽象意义时,侧重"联系"。
      touch, inspire, move
      touch: 主要用于表示怜悯或同情等场合,侧重感动。
      inspire: 指激起勇气和信心,侧重鼓励,有时含"启发灵感"之意。
      1.They embraced and promised to keep in touch.

      2. She was expressly forbidden to touch my papers.

      3. The moss was soft and furry to the touch.

      4. She recoiled from his touch.

      5. an artist's sureness of touch




      touch 英 [tʌtʃ] 美 [tʌtʃ] vt.触摸; 使某物与…轻轻接触; 吃或喝,尝; [数]与…相切 n.触摸,碰; 触觉,触感; 修饰,润色; 痕迹 vi.接触; 联系 触摸;接触;棒球英豪;触摸未来 复数: touches 过去式: touched 过去...


      英文的意思是触摸。 苹果的一款电子产品也叫touch..一般一说touch,首先想到的就是ipod touch




      touch 英[tʌtʃ] 美[tʌtʃ] 过去式:touched 过去分词:touched 现在分词:touching 复数:touches vt. & vi. 1.接触; 触摸 vt. 1.伤害, 触犯 2.涉及, 关系到 3.感动, 打动 4.吃; 喝 5.比得上 6.接触;触及 7.移动;碰到;打...



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